How to set up solar kits

HQST offers two types of solar kits: On-Grid kits and Off-Grid kits. Depending on your application and power requirements, you will choose one or the other.


On-Grid kits tie into your electrical company's grid and typically work best with larger applications such as residential and commercial buildings. These systems require professional installation and city permits. Commonly used for smaller applications such as RVs, vans, boats, and tiny homes, Off-Grid kits are user-friendly, DIY kits that require a battery bank as they do not connect to the electrical grid.

How to Set Up

The first step in setting up your solar system is to determine which type of solar system is necessary for your application. If you are trying to power a house, cabin, commercial building, or a large-scale structure, it will be more practical to go with an on-grid system than an off-grid one. On the other hand, if you are looking to power smaller applications such as RVs, vans, boats, tiny homes, etc., an off-grid system tied to a battery bank is ideal.

The second step is determining the size of the solar system. For on-grid applications, your monthly electrical bill contains all your electrical usage information. Please email or give us a call here and we can size an appropriate system based off that information. Off-grid systems, on the other hand, require a little bit more work. To size a system that will best fit your needs, we recommend making a list of all the devices you plan on running. Get the wattage information, or the amps and volts of the product, and provide an average run time per device. With that information, we can size an appropriate system that will run effectively and efficiently.

The third step is setting up your new solar system correctly. For an on-grid system, it is necessary to contact your local electrical company to inform them that you are planning on going solar and contact a licensed installer/contractor for installation of the system. They will be able to walk you through the rest of the process. For off-grid kits, we would recommend consulting with an installer, electrician, or our technical support team here for guidance and support. All our off-grid kits are DIY ready with a user-friendly installation process; all our installation guides are available online.

Once everything is setup, your system will start generating power as soon as the sun comes up. Please email or call our HQST team here for any support.